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With the Reporting endpoints you can fetch detailed reports about the Impacts you have created.

RawReport Object

This represents a report with raw data about your Impacts.

rowRawReportRow[]One item in the array represents an Impact.
totalRowsnumberNumber of rows in the report.
maxResultsnumberMaximum number of rows per page.
cursorstringPresent if the results are spread across multiple pages. Use the cursor to fetch the next reports page. If null, it indicates that there is no further pagination.
reportIdstringThe id of your generated report. If the result are spread across multiple pages, you can refer to your report while paginating.

RawReportRow Object

This represents an Impact in the report.

createdAtstringCreation date of the impact.
totalPricenumberTotal amount of money spent on the impact.
currencystringThe currency of the spent money on the impact.
sourceNamestringThe name of the source associated with the impact.
sourceIdstringThe id of the source associated with the impact.
triggerNamestringThe name of the trigger associated with the impact.
triggerIdstringThe id of the trigger associated with the impact.
impactPurchasesImpactPurchase[]The impactPurchases array contains your spending on various impacts such as trees, plastic or CO2.
metadataMetadata[]In the metadata array you can store up to 50 key-value pairs. You can use them to associate data from within your application with your impact.

ImpactPurchase Object

The impactPurchase object contains your spending on a specific impact such as trees, plastic or CO2.

typestringType can be trees, plastic or carbon.
amountnumberAmount means the number of trees, plastic bottles or kg of CO2.

Metadata Object

WIth the Metadata object, you can differentiate your Impacts later.

keystringMinimum 1, maximum 40 characters.
valuestringMinimum 1, maximum 500 characters.