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With the estimation endpoints you can can estimate a carbon footprint, based on a merchant category code or open banking categories.

Estimation Object

emissionsLevelstringEither "category" or "merchant" depending on whether there is emissions data available on that merchant or only on the mcc category.
namestringIn the case of "category" this is the mcc code string (Ex: Supermarkets), and if emissions_level is "merchant" it returns the name of the merchant you entered (ex: "Superstore"). Full list of merchant categories.
kgOfCO2EmissionsfloatEstimated carbon footprint In Kg of CO2 equivalent.
mtOfCO2EmissionsfloatEstimated carbon footprint In metric tons (mt) of CO2 equivalent.
similarTostring[]Random list of relatable actions with similar footprint.

Bulk Estimations Object

transactions(TransactionBulkResponseValue | TransactionBulkResponseError)[]List of Transaction Response value

TransactionBulkResponseValue Object

valueEstimationA single estimation response

TransactionBulkResponseError Object

errorTransactionResponseInputErrorA single estimation error

TransactionResponseInputError Object

messagestringDescription of the error.