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Use the metadata parameter to to attach key-value data to your Greenspark objects. You can store up to 50 key-value pairs in the metadata array.

The key should be minimum 1 and maximum 40 characters long. For example: customerId
The value should be minimum 1 and maximum 500 characters long. For example: 743ce227-22ef-4c6e-9c06-725f97b99690

Metadata is useful for storing additional, structured information on an object. For example, you could store your user's full name and corresponding unique identifier from your system on an Impact object. Metadata is not used by Greenspark and won't be seen by your users unless you choose to show it to them.

Certain Greenspark API endpoints support fetching a portion of the data based on your provided metadata. This is particularly useful when you only need a subset of the data.